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Top 10 Best Blenders for Juicing

Don’t drink Sugary Bottled or Canned Drinks: Make Your Own Instead. Turn your family away from sugary drinks to tasty and natural ones along with gourmet meals at the same time

Today we are a nation under siege. Sugar is everywhere. It is in our food, our drinks, and even out toothpaste. We are literally drowning in a white powder flood that is more addictive than cocaine according to leading doctors.

But, you can take it back by making healthy and nutritious drinks and smoothies that use natural ingredients. You avoid artificial ingredients that may be altering your genetics as well.

All you have to do is add one kitchen appliance to your home. That is a blender. With a blender, you can create these alternatives in your home, you choose the ingredients, and you see exactly what your children are drinking.

Today we will look at 10 blenders and from them we will rank them for you and we will culminate our reviews with our choice of the best one.

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Getting healthy starts with healthy food and with a blender, you can take charge of yours and your family’s health. Starting with number 10 on our list we will start the ball rolling with our reviews.

10. Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender Reviews:

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender Reviews:

If you want a healthy drink or a way to take veggies and fruits down for delicious soups bases and fruit smoothies Breville has your answer. The blender has 5 speeds and a powerful motor that rapidly renders down nutritious nectar from whatever you put in the bowl. Once the “Hemisphere blade” starts spinning it is only a matter of seconds before you are ready to drink some of most delicious, natural, and nutritious concoctions on earth. Drink healthy with vitamin-enriched juices and fruit smoothies.

09. Nuwave Multi-purpose Twister Blender and Chopper Reviews:

Nuwave Multi-purpose Twister Blender and Chopper Reviews:

This is one of most versatile blenders on the market. Not only does it blend but it chops as well. This means you have a complete food-processing center at your disposal.

With this 7-piece set not only can you prepare delicious beverages but juice produce and veggies down to make the beginnings of fabulous soups and stews. It comes with two storage canister that let you make ahead meals and store them until you are ready to prepare them.

Gourmet marinara sauces are a cinch with the powerful motor and space age technology that has gone into this blender.

08. Deluxe Battery Powered Cordless Mini Hand Mixer Reviews:

Deluxe Battery Powered Cordless Mini Hand Mixer Reviews:

A host/hostess’s dream comes true. You can now whip up delicious drinks anywhere at any time. A small handheld unit that runs on batteries is the perfect tool for your kitchen or behind your home bar. It mixes drinks in a flash and for the gourmet chef it whips up an omelet or soufflé in only seconds.

It will even do egg whites for meringue on pies. It will froths milk for the best Cappuccino/Latte ever and to top other beverages. Versatile and fast this is one all-purpose appliance you can’t do without. You get 4 quality attachments that make your drink and blending chores a breeze.

07. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews:

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews:

Sometimes when you are preparing a delicacies meals timing is everything. This blender from Breville has a precision one built in that lets you make sure everything is done perfectly. It allows you to program in your favorites with style and panache. Your recipes come out perfectly and no one can figure out your secret.

This lightweight blender is BPA free and the jug is shatter resistance as compared to those made from heavy glass. Designed to pull from the top it ensures you get an even blending action for superior smoothies and veggie/fruit beverages.

Purees are a snap and for a soup starter, there is nothing that compares to the BBL605XL.

06. Ninja Professional Blender, NJ600WM Reviews:

Ninja Professional Blender, NJ600WM Reviews:

With 900 Watts of power, the Ninja slashes through even tough fruits and vegetables for exciting beverages. It crushes ice for the home or professional bartender with ease.

It will also whip up smoothies for a kid’s party as it has a 72 oz capacity pitcher. The Ninja also prepares “Make Ahead Meals” for an entire week of stews, pasta sauces, and nutritious soups. For the outdoor cook, it creates BBQ sauces that are to die for.

It is so versatile that it replaces many other appliances and will ill do all your boring kitchen chores in a fraction of the time.

05. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender Reviews:

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender Reviews:

Now you can mix drinks and even blend while you are cooking at the same time. This total immersion blender, which can do a stew or soup while you are cooking it, this is the fastest way to make a French Onion soup in minutes without shedding any tears. You can make Borscht that a Romanian restaurant would be hard pressed to beat.

But, it also is one of the fastest ways to whip up an omelet and it will make you one of the lightest meringues ever. It’s versatile and always ready when you need it.

04. LA Vegan Shark High-Performance Ultra Dynamic 3 Horse Power Blender Reviews:

LA Vegan Shark High-Performance Ultra Dynamic 3 Horse Power Blender Reviews:

If you are cooking for a crowd or you need the power to take bushels of veggies and make your secret marinara sauce from the harvest. Only a Shark will do. Three horses reside inside its stylish base. 2200 watts spin this powerful motor to speeds up to 35,000 RPM. No chopping or blending chore is beyond its power.

Two liters 968 oz) of nutritious nectar from fruit or veggies blend with ice cream, milk, and cream to make the best smoothies you’ve ever tasted.

For the bartender, you have daiquiris for everyone. You can also make the famous LA Vegan Nut Milk in 4 minutes.

03. Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender Reviews:

Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender Reviews:

Make your own mayonnaise easily with the Epica and its specially shaped jug. It will also make short work of berries of all kinds that start their way onto the road to being the healthiest and tastiest beverages on the planet.

However, this is only the beginning. You are not blending you are creating masterpieces in food. 350 watts lets you make garlic and chive mashed potatoes that go beyond spectacular. You can blend, juice, puree, and chop with this handheld wonder and all its attachments.

Once you see it in action you will be hooked for life and wonder how you ever got along without it.

02. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz Jar Reviews:

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz Jar Reviews:

If you like iced drinks, here is the blender that crushes them quickly and effortlessly. You have an infinite number of settings as you pulse them to a fine slurry for daiquiris and smoothies. But, it also makes fruits and veggies into other beverages and concoctions that are even more exciting and exotic.

The quiet Shield lets you do all this in almost perfect silence. No more wrrrrrrring noise that sets your teeth on edge, instead you have the purr of a kitten that is pleasing and enjoyable to hear.

The mundane chores in your kitchen are now accomplished with a speed and an ease that is astounding when compared to the days with your old blender. You get 32 oz of fabulous drinks, soups, and stews.

No job is too difficult and you can do it all with your Jamba.

01. Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Reviews:

Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Reviews:

Nothing gets your kitchen or bartending chores done as fast as a Ninja. It’s flashing blades will make short work of veggies fruits and even ice cubes are no match for its powerful total ice crushing technology and power. 1100 watts is the secret along with blades that wouldn’t break and stay sharp virtually forever.

With its Single Serve cup, you can blend a cooling and refreshing drink and have it ready to take with you as you head out the door. You can do a 72 oz pitcher of daiquiris and other beverages for when friends drop by unexpectedly. But, its true forte is taking fruit and vegetables and making them into the best tasting and nutritious beverages in the world. You can also add soup bases, Marinara /Barbecue sauces, chili and stews to the recipes you can prepare.

When it’s all said in done a Ninja in your home is a guarantee that gourmet dishes are going to be on the table soon.

Final Thoughts

When you want the best in nutrition and taste in your beverages and meals. Stop buying processed and sugar laced products off the store shelves. Instead, juice fruits, veggies, and blend the juice with other ingredients to replace store bought drinks that make you and your family unhealthy, fat and with the possibility of developing Type II diabetes and obesity as well. You make your own drinks that are healthy and good for you. Your energy will soar and that brain fog you might be suffering from will vanish.

The best appliance that can help you to this is a blender and today you have seen 10 of the finest stack ranked for you and reviewed here today.

You can see how they can change your eating habits forever and give you a better quality in the meals you are preparing now. Recipes come together as fast as turning to a box or a product in a can.

You control the ingredients and your family will perk up in anticipation of the meals coming out of your kitchen. Instead, of boring they taste exciting as it is all fresh and tastes spectacular with real flavor and with no artificial ingredients or sugar. No more cans or bottles for their drinks. Now they can make their own and you wouldn’t worry about their health.

It’s all real, natural, and made with love from your own two hands. Buy one of these blenders and turn you back on Boring and Blah in your meals forever.