Guys, you can now be more productive when you use our best compact tractors which have well-made sun shades that will protect users from heat and the sun. Mowing will be fun because you will be protected against harmful UV rays and you will stay cool and even productive when mowing. The sun shades can be removed easily to make transporting/mowing under low branches. Try your best compact tractor now and enjoy mowing.

05. Kubota Compact Tractor

Kubota Compact Tractor

You can remove the canopy faster without tools. The canopy of this compact tractor is made of powdered coated steel which is rust proof and the sunshade can easily clamp to users rops and so no holes to drill. It has ABS plastic which resists sun fading and replacement parts of this tractor are available. The sturdy tires are great for regular use.

04. Husqvarna 531308322

Husqvarna 531308322

It has rear support bracket and one person can remove to make storage a snap. It has sun shade which is lightweight and the attractive shade will protect you against the scorching sun’s rays. The sunshade is perfect during the winter season. You can clean your compact tractor easily with water and soap. The shade tarp is 34” and great to give operators perfect protection against heat and the sun.

03. Great Day LNP1012

Great Day LNP1012

This unit is excellent, strong and installing is a snap. The canopy is spacious to protect the operator and you don’t have to worry about skin cancer and heat strokes. The sun shade can be removed quickly and makes transporting/mowing easy under low branches. The sunshade is perfect during winter season and you will be more productive each season even during winter.

02. Great Day TAP1000

Great Day TAP1000

You will never be the one on the grill when you have this compact tractor. This compact tractor will always let you be productive and you can focus on your mowing without complaining about sun’s rays. The canopy measures 34” X 46” and it will cover and even shade you at all the time. The frame has been constructed from aircraft aluminum and durable.

01. Compact Tractors W/ Rops Up To 34″ Wide

Compact Tractors W/ Rops Up To 34

The canopy of this compact tractor is made of ABS plastic which is fade resistant and the frame has 16 gauges steel which is durable. The instructional are understandable and the unit can last. The vinyl cover can be removed easily for cleaning and the sunshade will give you perfect shade and protect the operator from sun’s rays.

Mowing will be fun because our best compact tractors provide perfect shade which can let you be more productive without exposing yourself to the scorching sun’s rays. These compact tractors are what your lawn demand and the sun shade will deliver excellent shade. The cover can be removed easily to make cleaning a snap and they’re resistant to ripping, mildew and mold. Get your best compact tractor and start mowing more.

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