wrong -74- Top 10 Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Most people prefer contact lenses to the norm of wearing glasses. Contact lenses correct one`s vision without changing their appearance. These lenses are known to be comfortable. However, one may develop a syndrome whilst wearing the contact lenses die to the condition of their eyes. Contact lens wearers re predisposed to the effect of dry eyes. This is a common discomfort experienced by those wearing contact lenses and it is referred to as dry lens syndrome.

The dry lens is caused by the thin material in the retina obstructing oxygen from reaching the eye. The duration in which one wears the contact lenses determines their chances of contracting the dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes syndrome causes itchiness, blurred vision, and a burning feeling. The causes of the syndrome are as follows:

medications associated with various diseases such as high blood pressure and birth control pills

damage to the tear gland that is found in the eye and also the skin around the eye

Senescence and allergies though this is limited to a few individuals

Menopause which is mostly associated with hormonal changes in the body

Various diseases and other autoimmune conditions.

The following products have been used to treat the condition associated with the dry lens syndrome.

10. Allergan Refresh Soft Contacts, Contact lens comfort drops

Allergan Refresh Soft Contacts, Contact lens comfort drops

Refresh not only soothes but also moisturizes the eyes. The drops offer comfortability and elongate the period in which an individual can wear the contact lenses without any discomfort experienced. Under the correct dosage, the drops provide a long lasting relief from the effects of the dry eyes syndrome. These drops are perfect for persistent dry eyes. Refresh reduces the redness in the eyes, keeps the eyes hydrated and blur –free all day. The product also provides a cooler feeling and keeps the eyes lubricated. Refresh is cheaper as it goes for 20.95 dollars and it also ensures that the contact lenses in good shape for a long period of time.

09. Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drop for Soft and RGP Lenses

Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drop for Soft and RGP Lenses

Blink contacts lubricating eye drops are commonly used for the soft and RGP lenses. It works to moisturize the dry lenses and brings relief with every blink of the eyes. Moreover, it`s safe for daily use by an individual. This product is ordered as a 4 pack.

08. Rohto Lycee Contact Eye Drops

Rohto Lycee Contact Eye Drops

Rohto Lycee is quite mild as compared to the generic brands. It isn’t used for any specified contact lenses and offers the contact lenses a silky and moist like effect. Rohto is packaged in 2 packs and also provides an 8ml eye dropper for the customer. Rohto is composed of Keratin and HEC. Keratin is a protein found in the family of fibrous structural proteins which works to protect the epithelial cells from any damage and stress. Rohto and Lycee provide relief from itchiness, blurry eyes, eye mucus and the dryness of the eyes.

07. Alcon Genteal Mild/Moderate Eye Drops

Alcon Genteal Mild/Moderate Eye Drops

Alcon is unique in that it contains genaqua which provide a preservative free environment hence one is able to use for long. It works to protect the eye just like the natural tears and provides fast soothing of the eyes.

06. Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Rewetting Drops for Contact lenses

Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Rewetting Drops for Contact lenses

Apart from the fair price at which the drops are offered at 21.23 dollars, Bausch and Lomb offers a good lubrication for the contact lenses in the eyes, soothes the eye and moisturizes. It doesn’t contain the string like effect associated with other products in the market hence highly recommended.

5.Theratears Dry Eye Therapy _ Lubricant Eye Drops

Theratears works to provide a duplicate balance in the composition of various chemicals in the eye. This is made possible by the presence of hypotonic and electrolyte balance in the solution. There are no preservatives contained in this formula and its package in a multi-use bottle which makes it convenient for the user.

04. Systane Contacts Lub Eye Drops

Systane Contacts Lub Eye Drops

Though viewed to be more expensive than the other products Systane re-hydrates the eye and the viscosity of the drops is better. It is commonly used for soft, RGP and hard contact lenses. It’s also highly recommended for the individuals wearing the contact lenses daily.

03. Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops

Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops

Refresh option contains 2 lubricating ingredients which aid in soothing and the protection of the eye from irritation and dryness.

02. Clear Eyes Contact Lenses Relief Soothing Drops

Clear Eyes Contact Lenses Relief Soothing Drops

This product refresh lubricates and moistens the eyes making them look bright, fresh and also feeling better. Soothing Drops is a sterile solution that re-wets and clears the lenses. It removes any trace of particulate matter that may be contained in the contact lenses and causes irritation and discomfort to the eyes.

01. AMO Blink Contact Lubricant Eye Drops

AMO Blink Contact Lubricant Eye Drops

AMO contains electrolytes in its formula just as those found in tears. It aims to provide a natural relief equated to when one blinks. It moisturizes the eyes and is used for soft and RGP contact lenses.

Under no circumstances should these products be used by an individual without the recommendation of a doctor or a specialist. The products should be used in the right dosage in order to avoid more irritation.

It should be noted that various people react differently to different products hence this should be taken into consideration when purchasing the solutions.

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