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Top 10 Best Metal Detector for the Money

Our team has struggled enough for you and luckily they were able to sample the best metal detector that will let you detect precious items and you will know easily whether you have found valuable coins or rusty nails or even tin cans! Their audible tone or even visual indicator will notify you when you discover something cool. They are user-friendly and offer value for the money and deliver effective performance in wide range of condition as well as application. These things will never fail you. Grab yours and you will love their highly rugged construction.

10. Star Pro Metal Detector

Star Pro Metal Detector

The length of this item can be adjusted to meet your individual needs and it uses only one 9V alkaline battery and has operating frequency of 7.69 kHz. It has multiple notch window which will let you reject while categories of such unwanted targets. It has sensitivity bar graph that will detect sensitivity setting and the nine target-ID category icons is great to help ID target before you dig.

09. Discovery 1100 Metal Detector

Discovery 1100 Metal Detector

This metal detector is incredibly easy to use and it has been built with most advanced material discrimination. It is handy for finding relic, metals, coins and more. The full-digital motion will help you find what you want and the touch-pad digitaarecontrol as well as automatic ground balance makes this item easy to novice and the detector will give you plenty of power which is great for experience users.

08. Goplus MD-3010II

Goplus MD-3010II

You need to use this product to locate the valuable metal such as gold, silver, coins and household items. This item is known as perfect search engine on the old castles, beach, forest, old battlegrounds and farmlands. It is suitable for speed cable detecting in ceilings and floors, in the walls and its ABS material means that this item can last longer.

07. Pyle PHMD53

Pyle PHMD53

This item is full featured and even easy to use and it will let you locate precious metals as well as treasures buried underground. It will assist you effectively find silver, gold, iron, jewelry, coins and more and the length is adjustable to meet your personal needed and the built-in speaker will help you great while searching what you want. It is battery operated.

06. Bounty Hunter QD2GWP

Bounty Hunter QD2GWP

This thing is fully automated and so it will let you eliminate any false signals. The detector will easily discriminate between metal types and let you find what you are looking for easily. The LCD display is what makes this unit the best for beach combers, prospectors, treasure and relic hunters and coin shooters. It will notify you with audible toe or visual indicator.

05. Winbest Pro Edition

Winbest Pro Edition

This unit has two operation modes which is great for custom detecting and has all metal mode searches which is great for different types of metals and the auto ground balance and high sensitivity will make your work simple and enjoyable. Thee preset ground balance which be adjusted for different terrains and the stem and arm rest can be adjusted.

04. Bounty Hunter QSI

Bounty Hunter QSI

This item will help you search metal in wet sand and also grass. It has eight inch open waterproof coil which is built to last and it will let you find iron, silver, gold and other metal relics fast. The LCD display is easy to read and you will love the three-tone audio feedback that will let you know whether your metal detector has found something good or not. It uses 2 9-volt batteries.

03. HighPerformanceMetalDetector


The construction of this item is lightweight but extremely durable. The digital backlit interface is large and easy to use and the three elimination modes that are jewelry, coil and all metal will make your work fun. It has four individual high definition audio tones and quick release rod. The arm guard has strap and can be adjusted and it will let you detect coins up to ten inch away.

02. Bounty Hunter TK2

Bounty Hunter TK2

This unit is user-friendly and its features are extremely easy to use. You will always enjoy effective performances regardless of the conditions and applications. This thing is fast tracker and it will help you detect things in extreme ground conditions whether it is from saltwater beaches or highly mineralized inland site and there is error at all.

01. Fast Tracker Metal Detector

Fast Tracker Metal Detector

This is a motion metal detector and its high quality construction will never let you down. It gives premium quality at only outstanding saving and since it is fully automated, it will let you eliminate any false signals. It is great for detecting cool items in extreme ground condition. Built to last and it will let you find iron, silver, gold and other metal relics fast.

Prospectors and coil shooters, treasure and relic hunters will love our best metal detector that will worth your money! These metal detectors are super easy to use and they will notify you with audible tone or visual indicators and their LCD display will make your work much better and enjoyable. They are built to last and their length can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. No more errors when you grab your best metal detector! Do it right now.

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