You can now make your smoothies where you go with our best sleek, light, compact smoothie makers! They are perfect for your daily life whether you’re at home or during travel, they will be handy. They have powerful stainless steel blades which will easily and effortlessly blend fruits as well as other ingredients. They will be perfect for your summer workout routine as well as health regimen. Their parts are dishwasher safe and majority of them can fit most car cup holders! So your work is to take one with you to the gym, work or pack the whole product to luxuriate in your smoothie on your business trip!

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10. Portable Blender/Chopper System

Portable Blender/Chopper System

This smoothie maker has been designed to fit anywhere and deliver big blender performance. With only 350w and ease of single hand operation, this is the best device for any busy mom and it will create attractive, fashionable addition to your kitchen. It is BPA free and shatter resistant and also dishwasher safe. This is a real timesaver and cleaning it is simple chores.

09. Black & Decker 450-Watt Smoothie Maker

Black & Decker 450-Watt Smoothie Maker

This is a perfect addition to your kitchen and with pulse function, 450w motor, ice-crushing capability, and detachable six blade system; this smoothie maker will make blending of smoothie simple and even enjoyable. It has 1.5L blender cup which boasts safety locking lid and the juice dispenser will help you prevent spill. You’ll love using this easy to use smoothie maker.

08. Sharkk Basics Mini Personal Blender

Sharkk Basics Mini Personal Blender

This blender is compact, lightweight and can blend fruits in minutes. It has powerful stainless steel which resists rust and it is perfect for travel or home. It has carrying handle and spill proof lid. If the container becomes over-loaded, the blender will automatically shut-off and its portability design makes the blender supper convenient to carry around.

07. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

With this smart blender, you won’t experience mess while pouring your juice. This is just what you demand to make your own smoothies. It has one-touch blending and wave action which makes the blender easy to make perfectly blended fruit drinks. Its blades, lid and jar are dishwasher safe and you can wipe down the blade for quick cleanups.

06. Back to Basics Blender

Back to Basics Blender

This thing is a workhorse and whether you want to prepare smoothie, tomato sauce or even cucumber salad, it will do you wonders. Cleaning it is very easy and it is simply the best blender which is ideal for your kitchen. Its parts are dishwasher safe and it will work better for you each time you use it. The blades have been permanently attached and so no leakage.

05. HQdeal Mini Electric Personal Juicer

HQdeal Mini Electric Personal Juicer

This is a new generation mini juicer which is portable and great for shopping, traveling and outside sports. It is multi-functional and it will make protein shake, juice and smoothie. It will also work well for vegetables as well as other baby food. It is small in size and you can use it as bottle and juice blender. It is easy to clean and with this smoothie maker, you’ll enjoy protein shake, healthy drink each day.

04. 500-Watt 3-Speed Smoothie Elite,

500-Watt 3-Speed Smoothie Elite,

Get ready to luxuriate in healthy, delicious smoothies every day with this machine with powerful motor. It has tons of features which will enable you to smooth and serve faster and you can control the mix and so your smoothie will be fresh, healthy treat. The measuring marks will make it perfect for adding enough yogurt, fruit and protein powder for two or four servings.

03. Back to Basics Disney Smoothie Maker

Back to Basics Disney Smoothie Maker

The anthropomorphic design of this smoothie maker will make parents and kids love it. It is very easy to use and its compact design will fit your kitchen countertop without any need of wide space. It has powerful 350w motor to give you right smoothie texture. The integrated child safety switch is ideal for your safety and the dispenser valve will make it ideal for quick and easy dispensing.

02. SJR1X Smoothie Blast

SJR1X Smoothie Blast

You’ll be pleased with this little blender which can hold more and powerful enough to withstand frozen fruit. It can blend quickly and it will do its work quickly but safely and produce smoothie with right texture. The stir stick and pulse rate is handy and its parts are easy to clean. The unit comes complete with dispensing valve to enable you make your favorite smoothies.

01. Smoothie Elite Maker

Smoothie Elite Maker

The smoothie maker has been designed to blend fast and create nutritious smoothies with excellent texture. It runs at 500w and the power motor can blend at 3 different speeds which are mix, smooth and pulse and enable you to control consistency of your favorite drink. It has dispenser valve which will eliminate spills and prevent mess as you mix and serve your smoothie.

These best smoothie makers have been specifically designed for the purpose of blending fast, safe and deliver nutritious smoothies. Forget about the ordinary blender because these ones will do the job better and they’re easy to operate. Their jars’ shape will pull ingredients down to center blade and ensure even larger foods will mix evenly and deliver smoothies with right texture. Their special heavy-duty ice crushing blades will make frozen drinks blend well into consistent texture. Gab yours today!