Top 13 Best Quality Flip-Flops for Women in 2019 Reviews

Not when it comes to fashion, fit, and comfort, Flip-Flops are no longer a craze that started in the 70s. The traditional single thong and twin straps that have been synonymous with Flip-Flops since they soldiers brought the first Zori home from Japan after WW II that later became a hit in the 60s and […]

Top 10 Best Quality Walking Shoes for Women in 2019 Reviews

Have you ever used the best quality walking shoes that have energy-return sole? Well, we know that finding those shoes is not a joke and so we want you to wear them this weekend. Our shoe will ensure that your foot gets the unmatched performances without compromising its style. In fact, they have undergone anti-bacterial […]

Top 10 Best Quality Water Shoes for Women in 2019 Reviews

We want you to enjoy our best shoes that have been designed specifically for water. Get ready to wear shoes that will offer exceptional traction even on the most slippery conditions. These shoes are lightweight yet durable and have breathable mesh to give your feet cool and healthier environment and you’ll never say that you […]